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Deadpool (Film Review)

I’m still working on my other site;, but before it’s up, I thought I’d showcase some of the stuff that’s going on over there. First off, my ‘NewToComics’ review of Deadpool.

Release Date: 12th February, 2016

A 20th Century Fox Film, Directed by Tim Miller

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarino, Ed Skrein, T. J. Miller, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapičić

deadpool taxi

Review: If you scan the internet following the release of Deadpool, you’ll be faced with countless articles about how it has changed the comic-book film industry by successfully releasing a R-Rated film which toys with continuity as much as it wants whilst still adhering to the much coveted cinematic universes that everyone is chasing after.

Whilst this is untrue, as it ignores the earlier releases of films like Kick-Ass and Super, it tells you one thing you should know; Deadpool is a hugely popular and very enjoyable movie.

Currently ranking in the top ten of a lot of comic-movie ranking lists, Deadpool tells the story of Wade Wilson; a former soldier who is confronted by the fact he has terminal cancer. Approached by a shady government type, Wilson undergoes a procedure that awakens his mutant gene; granting him a healing factor to rival Wolverine’s and a face that, in his own words, is completely “unfuckable”. But when his ‘creator’, the sinister typical British villain, Ajax, kidnaps his girlfriend, Wilson must don a superhero suit, and slice his way through Ajax’s grunts so that he can get revenge.

deadpool drawing

If we’re honest, in terms of storytelling, the plot doesn’t really break any boundaries. If you reorganise the non-linear film, you’ll see that it is your basic ‘guy gets powers, fights bad-guys, saves girl’ story. This is highlighted particularly by the villains; neither of whom ooze personality, but this film isn’t about them.

No, the beauty of Deadpool comes from the title character himself. For those of you unfamiliar with Deadpool, he is known as the ‘Merc with a mouth’ due to his capacity for non-stop witty banter and crude jokes. It is probably one of the funniest comic films to date, with near every line the character utters having some sort of joke or hidden meaning in it. Does it always work? Of course not. But that’s true of most comedies. But with his ability to break the fourth wall and talk to the audience directly, Deadpool gives us something a bit different; whether that be commenting on his own film’s lacking budget or the smoothness of Hugh Jackman’s testicles; it which makes for interesting confrontations with established X-Man Colossus, and his protege Negasonic Teenage Warhead (the latter of whom was chosen entirely because of her name).

deadpool colossus negasonic2

It’s hard to believe that this is Director Tim Miller’s first big-screen outing, because on top of the hilarity brought on by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s script, the film also has beautiful choreography, a great sound track, and is beautifully well-paced. He’s been given great tools to work with, and he’s utilized all of them well.

Ryan Reynolds has spent around a decade campaigning to make this film made; whether to see Deadpool in a film or to correct his previous failings in the previous films X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern (both of which also get little in-jokes) and the result is one of the most enjoyable, comic-accurate and nonsensical characters ever to hit the big screen.

deadpool load

(Although, that probably depends on your sense of humor, my hairdresser, for one, wasn’t a fan of all the swearing, so be prepared for that).

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Distractions: Batmen and Kaiju

“The Arrogance of (Students) is Thinking (Essays) are in our Control, and Not the Other Way Around”

It’s that time again. The year is winding down, and about this time next month, I’ll be preparing to get on a plane and fly off from rainy Wales to sunny California. I can’t wait. Between now and then? A few parties, saying goodbye to friends, moving all my belongings between various houses… and completing an essay and an exam.

Obviously, out of all that, those last two are the least appealing to me. However, for once, I’m actually on top of things. Although I didn’t do any work over the Easter holidays, I’ve still managed to work at a relaxed pace, yet complete essays before the deadlines hit. I can’t claim that these essays are the best quality work I’ve ever done, but frankly at this stage, with too much time on my hands, my mind has been elsewhere.

Primarily in the world of contemporary American Cinema.

First up, there’s the new Batman costume reveal.



I for one think it looks great. As much as I love Christian Bale’s Dark Knight trilogy (I used to religiously watch The Dark Knight nearly every week) I think this is the first time Batman truly looks like Batman. As a comic book fan, I love that they’ve chosen to take his appearance in a way that sticks much closer to the source material; it gives him the intended weary look, makes him look capable of brutalizing criminals, and strongly differentiates from what’s already been seen on the big screen.

In fact, so far my excitement for the Man of Steel sequel has remained pretty high. I’m fine with the casting of Ben Affleck, especially after watching Argo last year. I even don’t mind Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor; I think it’s an interesting new take, especially when you remember Eisenberg is the same age as Henry Cavill. The only issue I have so far is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

It’s not that I have anything against Gadot; she looks stunning. But unfortunately, she also looks a bit too dainty for an Amazonian warrior. But whatever; I initially thought the same thing about Affleck, and he’s proven everyone wrong with his impressive muscle gain. I have hope for this franchise, even if I’ve always been more of a Marvel fan.

The other thing my minds been pretty focused on is the latest Godzilla movie.



I’ve watched the trailers over and over and scoured the net for reviews. However, to my disappointment, the first couple I read weren’t very positive. Describing the film as a misleading disappointment, these reviews have left my conflicted, as the epic Kaiju flick maintains high ratings on both iMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Perhaps it’s for the best; with my hopes lowered exponentially, chances are that I’ll now enjoy the film far more when I see it tomorrow.

But more on that tomorrow night…


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