Paul Walker’s Furious 7

15 Jun


I had a pretty busy week.

On Monday, I hosted a society end of year drinks evening. It was taxing on my wallet, but I had fun.

Tuesday followed wherein I had two quick drinks at the bar where we hosted the aforementioned evening and they had allowed me to leave my bag.

Wednesday’s already been covered on my previous post. It was fancy before it was messy.


Thursday followed in the same suit as Tuesday. Hair of the dog.

Friday was the start of the Summer Social Event at Leicester. People got very drunk, my friend lost her phone. Things got emotional.

Saturday consisted of preparing for the next events of the Summer Social, which, like Wednesday were fancy before becoming similarly messy.


By the time Sunday came, I felt like I had devoted a lot of my week to pointless levels of alcohol consumption, and concluded that I should check up on some of the things I had missed over the week. I was interested to see that Marvel had cast Jon Bernthal as the Punisher in Netflix’s Daredevil season two, before promptly giving up on that plan because a week of drinking was starting to hit hard, and went to buy a pizza and some more hair of the dog.

Then me and my housemate watched Furious 7.

It was ridiculous. The film follows straight on from the events of Fast & Furious 6, wherein the team have defeated Owen Shaw and attracted the vengeance of his brother, Deckard Shaw; played as intensely as you can imagine by Jason Statham.

What follows is car’s parachuting from planes, duels with spanners, tower vaulting in what struck me as basically a red batmobile, and some painfully contrived dialogue. Which is not to say I didn’t enjoy it; I wasn’t in the move for anything mentally advanced; otherwise I would have chosen a franchise other than Fast & Furious.

As such, me and my housemate were making continuous jokes throughout; both about the insanity of what was happening and the way that my housemate was successfully guessing lines just by uttering rubbish that you could find spoken in every shit action film you might have ever come across, all the while trading each other variations of the lyrics ‘It’s been a long day, but I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again’, as a means of perhaps suggesting why there had been minimal effort put into the script.

It was perhaps a tad insensitive, but we both quickly shut up at the end of the film when the song actually started playing. We’d heard that the ending of Furious 7 left grown men in the cinema in tears, and vowed the same would not be able to said about us. I’m not even that big on Fast & Furious; I’ve seen 2 Fast 2 Furious when I was like, twelve or something, 30 minutes of Tokyo Drift at school and was encouraged to join some friends to see Fast & Furious 6 a few years back because I had nothing better to do.

I have no loyalty to the franchise; no emotional backing whatsoever; but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t getting a bit teary. The montage of Paul Walker’s role throughout the series is well done, and despite Wiz Khalifa being a rather odd choice to eulogize someone, the song fits really well. Yes, Vin Diesel then talks over it, but considering the rest of the flick, that’s hardly a crime.

I felt a bit crap, but to be fair, I’ve come to the end of university, there’ll be a lot of people I won’t see again, but that few minutes of film made me more emotional than the end of The Road.

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