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Looking For a Home

The next stage of my university life is all but confirmed. I’ve got a masters degree under the condition that I don’t fail my current one. I honestly could have done better these past three years, but I think it’s a safe assumption that I won’t fail.

But little did I know that this would leave me with a bigger problem: finding somewhere to live.

I had hoped it would be a relatively easy affair. I knew there were pages on Facebook for this sort of thing, but finding a new housemate is like shopping for a pet online. There are pictures, descriptions and facts. But how can you pick someone you’ve never met before to live with for the next year of your life?

The fact that I’m not too bothered about who I live with soothed that worry somewhat, and so when I found a beautiful house, I figured things would be on the up. But then yet another problem presented itself.

I posted a Facebook status inviting new housemates to buddy-up and help me secure this gem of a property. I naively hoped that I would get a couple of responses and be able to swiftly move the transaction ahead. But to my horror, within an hour of posting the status, I had fifteen interested parties. Now, fifteen isn’t a large number. But when you have to go through all of them, showing them pictures of the house, and making sure they would be suitable under the landlady’s requirements, it becomes somewhat of a chore.

I’ve found two lovely like-minded people who I wouldn’t mind living with, but the enquiries keep on coming. I can’t decline them; it’s not even my house! But I can’t say yes to everyone either.

What is a boy to do?!

I think I might cry if I don’t get this house.

My friend claims that it’s not the best area to live in if you wan’t to go out partying on the regular. But frankly, I feel it’s best that I don’t half-arse a second degree. I should knuckle down and get on with work, and a house out of the way will definitely help with that.

I bet by the time I get this all sorted out the house will have been snapped up as well.

Swear to god, finding a house has been a more stressful ordeal than any university work, whether that be the work I’ve already done or the work I’ve yet to do.

“It’s all nearly over”. That what I need to keep telling myself.

Honestly, I don’t envy estate agents at all. Even the annoying blighters that manage my current house.

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