Avengers: Age of Over-Saturation [Update]

23 Apr


I was perhaps a bit hasty when I made my last post, thinking that at 11 TV spots, Marvel would stop releasing new clips. I was wrong. We’re now on TV spot 23. Not only that, but one of the main facets of the film that had been kept secret has now ALSO been released.

I mean, at this stage, what’s the point? If I didn’t live in Britain and still had to wait another week for this, I’d be tearing my hair out at how over-the-top Marvel  have gone with something that really didn’t need all that much hyping.

So here, ten days after my initial post, I’m going to amend my guess at the plot one last time before I see the film this evening. Tomorrow, I’ll follow through with a review, without spoiling the film (I read a review yesterday that spent four paragraphs going through the basic plot of the films opening; pretty sure you’re not meant to do that).

Here we go (obviously, potential spoilers ahead):

I’m still pretty confident with the majority of this first section:

  • The film starts with The Avengers as a unit; they’ve been together some amount of time since the end of The Winter Soldier, acting as a fill-in for S.H.I.E.L.D., funded by Iron Man and led by Captain America.
  • Together they stage an attack on a Hydra cell in Europe, and in the process come into conflict with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, who have been empowered by Baron Strucker.
  • The Avengers take down most of the cell, and reclaim Loki’s staff from the first film. Black Widow reveals a deeper relationship with Bruce Banner as she calms the Hulk. Meanwhile, the twins escape.
  • The team regroup at the Avengers tower, after struggling with what they have just faced. However, they are one step closer to ending all the problems they have collectively caused over the years and going their separate ways.
  • Inviting War Machine and some other friends to the tower, Tony holds a party. As things begin to die down,Ultron (the combined brainchild of Tony and Bruce, now empowered by the scepter) reveals himself, and exclaims that the only way to achieve the peace they have all dreamed of is to wipe-out mankind.
  • After taking down his original form, Ultron’s A.I. escapes, but not before wiping out J.A.R.V.I.S. Rebuilding himself multiple times, he crosses the Atlantic and seeks out the twins, who are hateful of the Avengers due to Stark’s weapons having been the cause of their family’s death.

This next section is where some minor additions can be put in, but not much in the way of changes, unfortunately:

  • The team come to blows, as they now realize they cannot trust Tony, despite the fact he funds the whole operation. Eventually, they set aside their differences and reunite to go find Ultron.
  • The Avengers track Ultron and the twins down to somewhere around Africa, where Ultron has come to collect a metal known as Vibranium from a man named Ulysses Klaue (played by Andy Serkis as set up for Black Panther). They engage them once again, as the Scarlet Witch reveals the true extent of her powers, altering the minds of several of the team.
  • Whilst Captain America and Black Widow see their pasts, Tony see’s the destruction of the Avengers, and the Hulk is driven into a mad rage. Activating a fail-safe, Tony summons his Hulk-buster armor to the scene, and engages the Hulk in Johannesburg.
  • Ultron and the twins defeat the rest of the Avengers, and Ultron plans to launch his gathered nuclear arsenal at the world, but is stopped by the secret intervention of what remains of J.A.R.V.I.S…
  • Now scattered and in disarray, the Avengers retreat to Hawkeye‘s family cabin where they must once more put aside their differences. Cap and Tony enter a heated argument, seeding Steve’s next film, Civil War.
  • Whilst the other Avengers are at Hawkeye’s cabin, Thor has returned to Asgard, to seek more answers in regards to the Infinity Stones that are continuing to plague him and his friends; the Cube, the Scepter, the Aether and the Orb.
  • The team are brought together once again by Nick Fury, who insists they are humanity’s only chance of surviving Ultron.
  • Meanwhile, the twins come to blows with Ultron, when they realize the true extent of his plans.

What with this clip having now been shown, the content is less speculation so much as the location; it could well happen before the Avengers go to fight Ultron and the twins, but this seems like a safe bet:

  • Reuniting at Stark tower, the team reassembles, as J.A.R.V.I.S. manifests himself in a physical body that the team have recovered from Ultron, code-named: The Vision, who engages Thor as he struggles to come to terms with his new physicality.
  • The Avengers team-up with the twins, as Ultron plans to raise a city into the sky, and hurl it back at Earth as a weapon. Boarding the floating city, the Avengers engage Ultron’s army of… Ultrons.
  • Eventually, they win, obviously, as the Vision returns and kills his father/mentor/brother/whatever that is Ultron.

A potential death? Quicksilver, as a means of cementing Scarlet Witch’s allegiance to the Avengers.

  • The Avengers have saved the day, but realize they can no longer trust each other. Iron Man leaves the team, as does Thor, who must return to Asgard to halt the upcoming Ragnarok. Oh, and the Hulk’s probably lost in space when Ultron raises the city or something.
  • Without their main players, Captain America forms a new team of Avengers, consisting of Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, with Black Widow and the Vision as possibilities. Black Panther is also a possibility, although I doubt it.
  • Finally, in the mid-credits scene, Thanos tires of his lackey’s constantly failing him, steps up off of his throne and recovers his ‘Infinity’ Gauntlet, exclaiming that he will just recover the stones himself in preparation for Infinity War.

Which is kind of boring really, the leaked fake Spider-Man ending wasn’t great, but it was a bit more fun. Oh well, Civil War isn’t too far off…

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