Through the Wormhole

10 Mar


To really love a movie, I need to fall in love with the soundtrack. Sitting down in the cinema, I need the music to grip me so I can become further enthralled in the spectacle that I am privileged enough to behold. Such was the case in these past few hours when I finally sat down to watch Interstellar.

I had put it off for some time, despite my housemates continuous urging to watch it.

My reasoning was that I was pretty sure I would love it, and as such didn’t want to sit down groggy and half-focused to watch Christopher Nolan’s latest epic. But after giving two university presentations today, I figured this evening was the perfect time.

Hans Zimmer once again does wonders, with his music bringing the perfect amount of intensity to the science fiction odyssey. I’m not sure why the music was the main thing I took away from this movie. The visual spectacle probably would have been the most memorable¬†thing about it, had I seen it in a cinema, but alas, that was not the case.

Perhaps it’s because the movie isn’t perfect. There are some parts of the plot that seem a bit flat, and a fair few others that I thought to be quite predictable. Fortunately, at the climax, when we finally got past all of that, I was able to sit back and enjoy the ride into the Kubrick-esque world Cooper (McConaughey) finds himself in towards the end.

But whatever. I want to watch another film now; something just as magical and wondrous; a science-fiction film that takes you places you can never truly experience and that makes you think about the endless possibilities of ‘what if?’

It makes me think back a few years, when my friend started babbling about a program that would send a select few people of about my own age to go live on Mars. It doesn’t sound very true, and this journey would apparently be a once-in-a-lifetime, but also one-way, trip. But wouldn’t it be fantastic? It would be difficult to leave the earth and everyone you love, but the prospect of encountering the endless beauty of space would be a majestic experience, I’m sure.

I think, perhaps, that’s why I love science-fiction so much. In watching a good science-fiction film, you’re travelling further than you ever can in the real world, and for a much cheaper price, seeing things more fantastical than you can ever imagine.

God, I love the cinema. I haven’t been in ages. Maybe if I wasn’t so horrendously poor I would go more often.

Student life.

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