Morbid Thoughts

30 Nov

I slept well last night.

I had been in Wales since last Thursday through til this Wednesday, returning home to Leicester only to help a friend out by dressing up as their mascot. So of course, when I made it to bed that day, I wasn’t feeling too hot. Or rather, I was; expressions aside, feeling hot was exactly the problem; I was sweaty and disgusting. It wasn’t the best night’s sleep I had had recently.

Thursday was also quite a busy day. Up early, I spent eleven hours in university, as I began to ponder if this is what it is like to do a proper degree. Again, when I got home, I was pretty tired and was just winding away the hours waiting for Friday; the day when my computer would come.

Friday came. Eventually, so did the computer. And a bit later after that, so did the monitor. Why PC World thought it was a good idea to send both the monitor and tower to the same place through the same courier, but at different times is beyond me. I’m sure there are some intricacies to the postal system that I’m not aware of, but surely you’d just save petrol if you got them both to the same place, and then sent them off together? No? Whatever. I set up my computer, but before I could play around with it, I had to return to university for a ‘Leicester Award’ workshop (more on that later), and then later still had to do a night shift, which of course meant I didn’t sleep especially well then, either.

So yesterday, I took it easy (I say ‘easy’ like my life isn’t usually; my life is by no means hard at any given time). I got everything out of the way by midday-ish, and just spent the rest of the afternoon experimenting with my computer. As I previously stated, last night, I slept well.

But that didn’t mean that good feeling extended into the morning. I woke up groggy, and thinking about girls. But not in a perverted way, don’t worry; this isn’t going to descend into some random piece of erotic fiction. In particular, I began thinking about the last time I had a girlfriend. Which, for me, is a dangerous subject, not because I’m all that bothered about our break-up, but because within a week or so of our breakup, both my dog and a close relative died. Which of course made my mind wander onto death. Truly, this was not the most pleasant of mornings.

So I decided to lead my mind elsewhere. I thought to myself, I have a ‘new, powerful computer, it’s time to put it to good use. I’ll get on with some work’. Then I remembered what my next two assignments are on.



That isn’t any less morbid! Sure, my topics after that are on Doctor Who and my dissertation on contemporary cinema, but I can’t get on with those because then I’ll risk failing my politics module. I don’t want to work on abortion; yes, its status as a divisive issue in American politics is interesting and all, but it’s still not something you want to spend your Sunday researching. Urgh.

So yeah, now I’m just sitting here reading the newest issue of All-New Invaders (consistently entertaining, even if it isn’t the most groundbreaking of comics) and eating cookies, in a bid to stave away any depressing thoughts that may try to penetrate my mind. Next, I’ll probably watch the Episode VII teaser again, and maybe that’ll lead my somewhere else. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, here it is. It’s cool, if only for what happens about a minute in. Enjoy:

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