I Discovered It Last (Moon Landing)

12 Nov


Don’t you just love that smug feeling you get when someone shows you a ‘new’ song, exclaiming that it’s going to be a real ‘hot topic’ in the days to come, and you smirk at them and tell them you heard it when it first came out several months previous. Although you retain your composure admirably on the outside, on the inside you’re cackling your head off at their stupidity and watching them slowly shrivel away in embarrassment; their ‘hipster’ rating lowered significantly.

Yeah. As you can probably tell, I love that feeling too.

Unfortunately, the only things I can really lay claim to finding early in recent memory are Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ (unfortunately), Ten Wall’s ‘Walking With Elephants’, Icona Pop (and I didn’t like ‘I Love It’ back then, either) and Pixie Lott’s first album. Not the most impressive of musical discoveries, I realise.

But anyway. Forget all that.

Because I spent the whole of last night listening to James Blunt’s not-new-anymore album, Moon Landing, so rather than being the first person to discover it, I only started listening to it over a year after it came out.


Could be worse.

But it’s a shame really, because it’s awesome.

I’d heard ‘Bonfire Heart’, and stumbled across ‘Postcards’ a few weeks later (as in, two days ago), and finally got down to listening to the whole album last night.

At first, it seemed like it could be just as dreary as his old stuff (which I still like, but that’s not the point), but a few songs in it really picks up.

Unfortunately, just because I’ve discovered and fallen in love with it, doesn’t mean everyone else has, as I had a friend Tweeted me that she, having seen my Spotify ‘play history’, was worried, not realising that at this point I had fallen asleep, which was why James had been subsequently serenading me in my sleep via Spotify for about five hours. Just the same six songs. On loop.

James Blunt Press Session 2013

I can see how that might look a tad disconcerting… I’m not depressed or having a mid-life crisis, I swear.

On another note, don’t you think it’s weird that James’ face never actually changes? It’s always been that way, but since he got his haircut, even from different angles his face remains unchanging.


Like… not at all…


It’s a bit unnerving.


Don’t you think…?



Anyway! My particular favourites from the album are as follows. Enjoy!

First and worst (out of my favourites, that is), and arguably the creepiest, is ‘Breathe’:

Next is ‘Heart to Heart’, in which James strains his face to make it move ever so slightly:

‘Bad-boy’ James makes an appearance in the first Moon Landing song I listened to, ‘Bonfire Heart’:

These last three were difficult to rank. So first, here comes ‘Dapper-Cowboy’ James in ‘When I Find Love Again’. Makes me wish I’d brought my Stetson to Leicester:

This would have been the final song, but it can’t be the best purely because it doesn’t have a music video. Sucks to be you, ‘Working It Out’:

Finally, ‘Car-stroking-superstar’ James brings us ‘Postcards’. Still can’t decide which of these three is my favourite, but I like his hat, especially when he does that cool-but-not-really-cool hand gesture 56 seconds in…:

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