One of THOSE Nights

08 Oct

I think I was having a mini-breakdown earlier today. An early mid-uni crisis, if you will.

Last night, we went out for Sarah’s birthday. An informal pre-drink party at hers, followed by a trip to Mosh. I was hesitant to spend much, and had planned to pick up alcohol and some change whilst I was out doing some shopping. Of course, I forgot about that, and ended up taking my card out. Why I’ve not learnt my lesson yet, I do not know.

So when I woke up this morning, several hours later than intended, having spent all the money that I earned over the summer and realising that I still hadn’t finished my seminar reading, taken back the sweat-pants that I bought or fully recovered from the night before, I started to panic. The reality of just how pitiful my account balance is was setting in, and had only increased how depressed I was about everything in general.

I would later recall that the reason for most of those woes was that I had encouraged Samir to join me in staying out to go to Basement, a club in Leicester that stays open well after the others have closed, so that those desperate enough can stay out until (depending on the time of the year) daylight.

My only reasoning for this, I can imagine, was that I had befriended a pair of party-ers from DeMontford University, and took a liking to one in particular, my drunken self being far too gone to realise that I probably had no chance in hell, which of course didn’t cheer me up at all, in regards to my earlier feelings.

With no way of fixing any of my problems then and there, I sombrely trudged off to university, where a coach awaited to whisk me away to a climbing wall along with the Mountaineering society.

And spending my afternoon clambering around on some walls, my mood heightened, my hiccups went away, and I gradually sobered up. I had a great time.

I started with the other novices, doing basic climbings, and being taught how to tie a climbing knot in a rather condescending way. I chatted to a couple of people, before moving onto bouldering, determined to be the first person out of the group to complete the purple trail. I failed, but I failed magnificently. Managing the first jump and returning to form after hanging one handed off the wall, each time I got closer and closer to finishing the second. But alas, it was not to be.

Regardless, I know that that £130 hasn’t gone to waste; it’ll probably be my favourite society of the year, and I was pretty fond of film, so that’s saying something. It’s not quite met the levels of fun I had when climbing in Sedona, doing this:

Tanner on Bell Rock

But it’ll get there. That much I’m confident of.

Only downside is that I’ve pretty much been whittled down to the money I put aside for rent. Doesn’t look like I’ll be paying for this house.


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