Cowboys and Cameramen, Part 3: The End (of University) Before the Beginning (of my Life)

01 Oct

So my final year has come. I’ve got my timetable (sort of), a set of responsibilities that I know need to be filled (sort of) and one last year to fix up my rather lacklustre grades (sort o– no… wait, that last one’s right).

I realise now that the past two of these posts, whilst sort of (eh, did it again) being about my dissertation, haven’t really actually come to any conclusive points about said piece of work. Well, a lot has changed since that happened, and now the work has already begun!

Travelling to America gave me a good feel for what American culture was like, and allowed me to form some basic perceptions of American masculinity and how people react to varying ways of life. It also left me with a bit of historical knowledge on my chosen topic. “What is that topic?” is a question that I realise that thus far, I have failed to answer.

So, here it is! Or, here is something vaguely similar to it, because although I know the topic, I haven’t settled on a definitive wording of the title.

So, here it almost is! How Have Perceptions of Masculinity In American Contemporary Film Been Informed By– Nope. Lost it.

How Do Stereotype’s Revolving Around Masculine Behaviour In Contemporary Cinema– Nah, that’s even worse.

How Does Masculinity in Contemporary American Cinema Draw It’s Roots From the Old West? That’s good enough.

So yeah, ‘Cowboys and Cameramen’, as the title suggests. Film and the Old West; the module’s I’ve enjoyed the most throughout the past two years. And how am I going to start preparing for this monumental task? Well, last night I watched and took notes on Brokeback Mountain (which was pretty good, and very moving, if a bit long. It also made me wish I’d bought my Stetson back to Leicester) and in the next few days I’ll be getting started on the Twilight Saga. Jealous?

But of course, the start of the new year isn’t just about my dissertation. It also involves Fresher’s Fortnight, new Societies, and perhaps even a new house! Coming back to Leicester, I was excited to get involved with all of these things. But since I got here, I’ve been out once, and we only ended up at the Fresher’s event due to a last minute decision; I’ve signed up to several new societies, including Curry, Real Ale, Creative Writing and the one I’m most excited about, Mountaineering, but due to my current funds, unless I get a job, I won’t be following through one any of those (or eating, for that matter, which is a shame really, because I kind of like eating); and finally, the energy supplier for our new house, which I had to sign up to myself just to change suppliers (which, although I understand why, is still pretty F—ing stupid, especially considering that they) have taken my name down wrong when I set up my account, which means that they subsequently took down my e-mail wrong, which means I didn’t get any of their messages saying our bill is overdue, which means that I didn’t realise sooner that they’re trying to lump us with about £80 worth of the last tenants bills…

Those bastards.

But throughout all of this; the dissertation, Fresher’s Fortnight, Drinking, Societies and Bills; one thing keeps moving through my mind. A powerful driving thought that could control the very direction in which my life turns…

I really suck at being a student.

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