Re-Watching Doctor Who

20 Jul

With just over a month to go until the adventures of everyone’s favourite time-lord continue, I thought I’d devote the next few posts to talking about my actual favourite show, contradicting and correcting the claim that I made way back in my Modern Family post.

Doctor Who has always had a strong following in my family, so much so that my aunt’s boyfriend told me last Christmas about how he remember’s the first ever episode of Doctor Who being aired. As the theme music started playing all the way back in 1963, he and his friends had got together to piss into the fireplace, curious as to what effect it would have.

Fortunately, the rest of us have a more normal connection to the science-fiction phenomenon. My mum and aunt watched the show when they were young, and as such, were the ones who would later introduce me to it. I became so fond of the programme that when I lived back in London and we would visit relatives in Wales, I would always insist that we visit the Doctor Who museum in Llangollen.

I was always fascinated by the idea of this semi-immortal hero who could change his face and dance about the timeline saving planets with a host of near magical abilities. My love for the show is such that just watching the video released to hype up the 50th anniversary can fill me with glee, excitement and nostalgia…

But back to business.

I’ve actually had this post saved as a draft for ages, but never got round to finishing and posting it. The original draft pointed out the odd timing that occured just as I started giving thought to how the new series would be, a teaser was posted for it at that exact moment.

Spooky, I thought.

But almost a month later, that now seems a lot less believable, and obviously can no longer be proven. But now, with the full trailer released, I’ve once again returned to this post, and started re-watching Doctor Who from the 9th Doctor’s run.

And so, starting here, on my 50th post, I will be looking at each series of a television show with 50 years of history; making observations about writing, characters, story-lines and aliens, and maybe take some guesses at what the incoming Doctor’s new series will hold.


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