USA, Day 21: The Grand Canyon

09 Jul

My last day was kind of spectacular, it wasn’t as spectacular as I’d hoped, but none the less, it was a fairly good one.

Having a quick breakfast, and chatting with a few of the other guests, I was introduced to the girl who gave me and Johnny all that fancy food the day before. It’s a shame she was leaving soon after, because my first impression of her was a good one.

Returning to my perch out the front of the hostel, I waved her and her sister goodbye, once more plugging in my headphones and typing out yesterdays rather mediocre post.

An hour passed, and I reunited with Fred and Mike to head off to the Grand Canyon. Struggling to stay awake, the journey seemed rather difficult and drawn out, but when we got there, I was in for the sight of a lifetime.

I knew the Grand Canyon would be big. It’s in the name after all. But even so, it was a truly amazing sight to behold. It was vast, majestic, terrifying and utterly incomprehensible.

After taking in its beauty for a couple of hours, we returned to the Grand Canyon Village and watched the World Cup game.

I’m sure you know what happened; it was a massacre; we don’t need to talk about it. Frankly after the first three goals I became more concerned about my steak sandwich; the envy of every man on our table. Granted, there were only three of us, but that’s unimportant.

Returning the the hostel through a scenic but monsoon-wracked drive, I sat down and uploaded all my adventures on to Facebook.

It saddened me a bit, because I knew as soon as I did that my holiday was over.

But there it is. Finishing off my night with a beer and some macaroni cheese balls, I chewed the cud with some friends; discussed future travels, and went to sleep.

So that’s it. The end.

(Not of my blog, just my American adventure, so don’t go anywhere!)


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