USA, Day 18: John Ford Country

06 Jul

Yesterday was probably one of the best days I’ve had in America.

After a late night, I was early to rise, say goodbyes to ‘Chelmsy’ and her siblings, before heading out to Monument Valley.

It was a two hour drive, separated by a couple of stops at various trading posts. Perusing their store, I studied their set of hats, still not content with what they had to offer.

Moving on, we were treated to some great views, and our tour guide, Corrie, was very informative. Hearing about my cancelled trip to Tombstone, Corrie proceeded to tell me about the history of John Ford’s relationship with Monument Valley.

Taking a few stops to take pictures, our three hour drive went by amazingly quickly. There were only four of us tour goers, but everyone was really friendly.

And the day only got better from there’s. Arriving at the Valley, we were treated to a host of beautiful views. It was breathtaking, and probably the best sights I’ve seen in the United States.

After a quick lunch, during which I tried a Native American Taco (it was a bit bland and didn’t agree with me; I won’t be having one again), we had a look round the gift shop, and I finally found the hat that I was looking for.

From there on out, hat on head, nothing could go wrong.

The valley was spectacular, and Terry was kind enough to lend me his portable charger, so my picture taking could continue ( With great views and a great guide, I had a great day.


I’m not sure what else to say really? I sat on a horse and wielded a rifle. I was pretty chuffed with it.

Getting back to the hostel, I sat down with Mariana and some of the others; had a few beers, and then committed myself to chugging a bag of wine with Chris, Tanner and Andreas, who continued to call me by my new nickname of ‘Fortnight’; a name that ‘Chelmsy’ gifted me with.

Short and sweet.

Forever Fortnight.

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