USA, Day 17: “The Clownfish Will Die Between Now and Sometime”

05 Jul

When I first arrived in Flagstaff, I was worried that my age would limit how much fun I had in what appeared to be a very student/drinking orientated little town.

Oh how wrong I was.

It’s day two, and this drive back from Monument Valley is the first chance I’ve had to properly type out a post.

But I’ll get to today later. First, the 4th of July!

After struggling to learn everyone’s names, I finally found my in with the various groups. Heading to Walmart, we stocked up on beer and food from our various countries.

Returning home, we got to drinking, as me and Matt endeavoured to make some Australian cakes called Lemingtons. It was a messy process.

But that didn’t matter; getting drunk with people is the easiest way to break down the barriers, and the title refers to just one of the humerous quotes that came out in peoples drunken babbling.

Along with drinking games and new friends, I was pleased to learn that there were four other 20 year olds at the hostel, making me finally not the youngest!

By the evening, heading out on the art walk, we found ourselves dancing in the rain to a percusion band; the weather couldn’t dampen our spirits, and everybody had an all around great time.

But the festivities had to end eventually. Sarah, determined not to let the night end, began divising a plan to sneak me and Tanner into a local bar. She would hug the bouncer whilst we snuck through.

It was never going to work, and when we arrived and realised a new bouncer had been hired. Assuring the others that I wasn’t fussed about getting in, I returned to the hostel, where me and Tanner had another beer and chilled watching Modern Family with a trio of siblings we befriended.

I think I might celebrate Independence Day every year, no matter what country I’m in!


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