USA, Day 15: Everybody’s Changing

03 Jul

I returned from the art museum down the road with Terazha and the whole vibe of the hostel had changed. Most of the guys had left either for their next destination, on overnight trips, or just disappeared randomly.

Now, there are only eleven of us left for the night, and amongst that number, three people work here, one is in training, two are friends of the owner who’re just visiting, and three have just arrived today.

From when I arrived, only myself and one other of the same guests remain.

So obviously, I was a little bored last night. Fortunately, the rest of my day was a bit more lively.

The morning began as Canaan revealed his desire to go to a nearby Fire Engine museum; the Hall of Flame. I tagged along and took a few pictures, admiring the Steampunk-esque nature of several of the vehicles.

Afterwards, with time to spare, we headed down to Chicken-Fil-A; somewhere I most probably would have just bypassed on my hunt for the best budget food I could find. 

What a mistake that would have been! I think I can honestly say that the special spiced burger I had, topped with their own Chicken-Fil-A sauce, was the nicest chicken burger I’ve ever tasted. I’ve always been a fan of Burger King’s Chicken Royale, but the Royale has nothing on Chicken-Fil-A. It was juicy, spicy, the sauce was gorgeous, and the milkshake was perfectly blended, with little bits of strawberry mixed in and a cherry on top. I’m definitely going there again.

The afternoon was pretty relaxed. I went out for a stroll, and after suppressing my irritation for not being allowed to jaywalk and the odd spacing of the crossings in Phoenix (seriously America, it’s a ruddy stupid law), I found myself at the local comic store.

Inspired by a conversation I had had with Canaan earlier in the day, I picked up the first issue of the new RoboCop comic along with the latest issues of All-New Invaders and Original Sin.

The first two were decent reads; nothing particularly special, but had consistent writing and a readable story.
Original Sin #5 on the other hand, felt like a waste of money.

-SPOILERS- I guess…

The story focused on Nick Fury Sr’s secret job protecting the Earth even more so than anyone knew, by essentially becoming Howard Stark’s cosmic assassin. It felt like a revelation that was just too big for Fury’s character, and didn’t feel like it needed a whole issue to explain, seeing as it just extrapolated on the most basic details of a plot ‘twist’ that most people guessed a few issues back.

Anyway, nerdiness aside, my day went on. As I said at the start, me and Terazha headed to the Art Museum, where I was keen to see the Hollywood exhibit they had on.

Costing $20, the exhibit, fortunately, turned out to be more worthwhile than I was expecting. It had costumes from dozens of different films, including several I was planning to focus on in my dissertation.
A couple of the most relevant points were:
• John Wayne wore Levi’s for several of his films, because he believed that whatever was between the hat, coat and cowboy boots wasn’t especially important.
• Similarly, modern costume designers now strive to make outfits mostly unnoticeable, due to the varying fashion trends that adorn movie-goers, as they might start critiquing the characters choices.

After this, we perused the other galleries that our tickets had gained us entry to, before debating coffee and heading back to the hostel.

Which brings us back to the start.

Bored and tired, I chatted to one of the new guests, before prodding unenthusiastically at my ‘sesame chicken noodles’ ready-meal.

Later, I was invited to sit outside with the hostel owner and her friends as they tried to decide where abouts they were going to eat.

Bidding them goodbye, I headed inside and talked with Marty for a bit, before turning in. Whilst talking, we both learnt of our shared desire to go to Tombstone, as Marty remarked that it was unfortunate that I wasn’t staying longer, as he would’ve been willing to to drive us both down there.

But with less than 24 hours until I would be checking into my next hostel, it was a no go.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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