USA, Day 14.2: Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

02 Jul

So, after that brief insight onto my thoughts on my future life might take me to, I’ll get on with today’s recounting.
So day 14, I woke up with a plan in mind, I collected my stuff, and prepared to leave, hoping that I could have a day comparable to what I would’ve had in Tombstone.

Fortunately, I found out that my first plan of the day; heading to check out the Hollywood exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum, would be better left for tomorrow, as on Wednesdays they have free admission in the evening. The day was already off to a good start.

So with my plan now altered, I got on the Metro, and made my way to Tee Pee’s Mexican restaurant. Truth be told, not including supermarket Tacos and a homemade Fajita that I didn’t much care for, I’d never had proper Mexican food before last Monday.

On that occasion, I had arrived at Kristina’s apartment, where she had provided me with a Mexican stew. It was delicious, and I was more than happy to accept seconds.

The day after, she took me to a Mexican take-out, where I had Nachos, which was also a first for me somehow.

Sure, I’d had Dorito crisps before, but never with cheese or salsa, and I’d never even known meat was something that went into the dish.
Again, I thought it was delicious, and so I was eager to try out this Lonely Planet recommended restaurant.

Now obviously, I don’t have anything to compare it to, but the alternatively named Burro (or Burrito, to like everyone who isn’t in this restaurant or Tuscon, apparently) was pretty damn good. Not just because it was what I can only assume was a well crafted Burrito, but the meal as a whole was delicious. In fact, I think the rice and beans might have been my favourite part. It reminded me of an Indian dish, but different enough that I could enjoy it as a completely different experience.

Afterwards, in the hopes of finding some sort of Western experience, I moved on to Old Town Scottsdale. After being greeted by an attractive girl in the street, I happily perused the various stores, looking for souvenirs for my family, and the perfect cowboy hat for myself.

And to my surprise, I found it.

It was $229.

I explained to the rather eager saleswoman that I was kidding myself shopping for such a high quality of hat, and left the store.

The search continues.

Anyway, content with what I had bought in the Old Town, and sure that I could continue the search for my desired hat in Flagstaff, I moved on to the Desert Botanical Garden that I had long planned to see.

Annoyingly, I was struck with a sense of Déjà Vu, as I stopped concentrating on my surroundings and missed my stop. Twice. I’m starting to think there might be something wrong with me.

Anyway, back-back-tracking, I started on the path to the Gardens, nearly being hit by an oblivious driver in the process. No exaggeration, he missed be by about five inches at very most.

Observing what I assumed must have been the security fence, I eventually fame across a rather dire sign warning that trespassers would be populated, and so I quickly hurried on. I would later find and enter by an entrance sign, treading along the roadside before discovering that rather threatening gate was indeed the walkers entrance.

My phone soon ran out of battery, and I was left to enjoy the gardens without any technological interference. The garden signs preached the need for such an environment in ones life, and although initially I found myself feeling tired, dirty and generally unpleasant, I soon found myself feeling uplifted.

But alas, although it was peaceful, I always find being alone with my thoughts for a large amount of time becomes more depressing than it is enlightening, and so I moved on, and headed back to the hostel.

After an annoyingly long wait for the bus, I spent the next forty or fifty minutes staring blankly out at the street as the bus crawled on.

Finally getting back, I sat down for a chat with some of the others, and was treated to seeing one of the best t-shirts I’ve seen in a while.


Finally, I started on one of the ready-meals I reluctantly bought back in L.A. Sceptical of how the food would turn out, I followed its instructions, and was not surprised when I found myself snacking on about three bite-fulls of supposed meatloaf and mash.

If I’m honest, like aeroplane food, I found it surprisingly tasty, and had an extra burger I had bought from Circle-K just to fill me up a little more.

And that brings me up to where I was when I started writing this post. I’ve since moved rooms, as the majority of the other guests have begun playing a drinking variant of Jenga. It sounds amusing, but being once more underage, I have no beverages, and have never appreciated asking others to go out of their way to buy drink for me.

But even then, I feel like that’s not the reason I’ve secluded myself in the dorms. I think as the day progressed, I subconsciously became more and more aware of how I was missing out on Tombstone; perhaps the part of my trip I was looking forward to the most apart from seeing the Grand Canyon and eating at ChocoChicken.

Kind of sucks really. I’m in a deceivingly bad mood.

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