USA, Day 13: “It’s Only a Card Game”

01 Jul

It all hinged on a phone call. A phone call I waited all day to receive.

I started off my day by heading out in search of a shopping centre of some sort. Having learnt my lesson about the need for sunscreen in Phoenix, I sought out three of the nearest supposed malls, only to find them all rather lacking.

Giving up, I stopped for a Grape Soda (which I’m still loving the novelty of being able to acquire so easily) and just went to the nearest Walmart.

To my surprise, said Walmart turned out to be housed inside a shopping mall, just like I had been looking for. Still, I found nothing, and ended getting only the essentials before heading back.

Due to the slow nature of the buses in Phoenix that aren’t on Central Avenue or in Downtown. This all took rather a long time. So, by the time I had returned to the hostel, the others were prepping to head out to a rooftop hotel pool.

Grabbing a quick jalapeño burger and cranberry ice tea, I waited and joined them. Unfortunately, it was at this moment that I got the call; my trip from Phoenix to Tombstone was cancelled, as I knew it would be, but had hoped otherwise.

Disappointed, and realising that all my reasons for coming to Phoenix were now moot (a museum I had come to see had also declared itself Monday’s, Tuesday’s and all of July. Why? Who knows!), I slowly plodded off after the others.

At the pool, I found that the sun was obscured by most of the hotel building, dashing my hopes of evening out my tan.

Ordering a few beers, I lay in what little sun remained until the shadows claimed me, before joining the others in the pool.

The novelty of drinking in a pool is one I’ve never had a chance to experience before, just like the novelty of walking up to a random hotel bar and lounging around on their rooftop.


It lifted my spirits for a while, although my disappointment has since returned. But before it did, we headed down to the Italian underneath the hotel, where I enjoyed a gorgeous Lobster Macaroni Cheese. Definitely something I’ll be looking at adding to my recipe in future.

The rest of the evening was spent debating whether to go to sleep, playing cards, and trading jokes. Hardly anyone had any. And my favourite one from a previous night came out badly due to how funny I still found it.

Still, enjoying being in Phoenix, none of this put me off, even being the youngest and thus only person unable to legally buy alcohol.

There’s a good thing going here at this hostel, and if I ever come back to Phoenix, I’ll be sure to return to this place!

Just a bummer that I’m not currently in Tombstone. Justifying the university giving me money is going to be that little bit more difficult now…

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