USA, Day 12: Living with John Krasinski

30 Jun

Holy Moses is Phoenix hot!

Arriving at half six in the morning, the unreliability of both Greyhound buses and my increasingly useless Nexus 5, left me unsure of a heading. With only one address in Phoenix know to me, I decided to head there and recuperate. At Matt’s Big Breakfast.

I’ve been doing well for food over the past couple of days, and Matt’s Big Breakfast was no exception. Choosing a special of eggs, scrambled with sausage and spinach, and served with a side of hash browns and sourdough bread, I ate heartily as my phone charged.

With a bit of juice regained, I made my way to the local metro station, where my phone promptly died again. Figuring that Camelback street was as good a place as any to find a hostel called Camelbackpackers, I made my way there.

Imploring the assistance of some locals, I was informed that no one knew where it was, but all suggested I walk further down Camelback street.

I would later discover I was not even bear my destination. But I made it there eventually. So that’s unimportant.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around, or heading out in search of food and milkshakes with my new housemates, one of whom, as you may have guessed, looks somewhat like John Krasinki, star of The (U.S.) Office. I found it particularly amusing when the waitress at the milkshake counter kept on asking if I wanted a big banana. Childish, I know, but I managed to keep my amusement hidden.

Later, the day really kicked off. After failing at Trivial Pursuit for a while, I joined three of the other guests for a hike up Camelback mountain.

With the sun slowly going down, the view proved spectacular, and I finally got a chance to take pictures of Phoenix at night that I had been kicking myself for missing for the past week and a half.


The trek up was tiring at times, but the walk down even more so. Determined to Snapchat my friends, I potted around on top of the mountain looking for signal and the perfect picture whilst the others began there descent.

Eventually, I would reunite with them, a host of my pictures documenting my little adventure.

Returning to the hostel, I snacked on a cereal bar, and conversed with another new guest, before joining the others outside for beer and a game of Cards Against Humanity.

I’ve been waiting to play that game for ages. It was hilarious.

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