USA, Day 11: My Opinion of L.A.

29 Jun

So for the majority of my time in Los Angeles, I’ve had a rather low opinion of it. Sure, there have been good parts, like Olivera street, but mostly, I was a bit disappointed, and my expectations weren’t even that high in the first place.

But like San Francisco, I didn’t have my best day in the city until I made a basic plan, and went wandering from there.

In my opinion, bus tours are a fun way to see the sights, but you don’t really get a feel for a city until you walk its streets and weave between the locals.

So, not to intent on wasting much more of my time in Hollywood, I set off back to Downtown L.A. to find a restaurant one of my University friends had tweeted me about.

Considering her response, I imagine that she didn’t actually expect me to go hunting for this place, but was pleased that I did, as was I.

It’s called ChocoChicken, and it gave me one of the best lunches I’ve ever had. Going for the basic combo meal, I ordered some chocolate covered fried chicken breast, with a sides of ‘duck fat’ fries (sprinkled with chocolate) and coleslaw.
But it was the condiments that really made the meal. The fries were served with a small pot of chocolate ketchup, which honest to God, was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Or was, until I moved onto the chicken, and the pot of chilli-honey that came with it.
Both tasted gorgeous, and I tried to scoop up ever last drop. Stupidly, I didn’t ask if there’s somewhere you can buy their product, because honestly, they were out of this world!


Deciding to continue my trend of scouting around for good food, I returned to Chinatown, and headed for the Phoenix Bakery. Asking for ‘whatever they were most famous for’ (besides their birthday cakes), I was suggested the strawberry cream cake.



The cream was soft, the strawberries were juicy, and overall, it also found its place in the top ten things I’ve ever out in my mouth.

After this, my plans were pretty much at their end. So I thought I’d explore the area a little more, focusing on the districts I hadn’t yet seen.

The first was Little Tokyo, which for the most part, was a little disappointing. There wasn’t much there, unless you went into the Japanese Village, and even then, you’re in and out in about a minute if you’re not looking for food.

After that, I decided to walk down Broadway, and stumbled upon the Grand Central Market, which was amazing! All the hustle and bustle of a city crammed into a building, with all different types of food wafting delicious smells from every angle. But again, the appeal was slightly lost on me, as I had already eaten.

Finally, I arrived in the Fashion District, and looked around quickly for a T-Shirt to take home to my sister. Finding nothing, and not wanting to loiter, I returned to the apartment in Hollywood, left my handprints on Thom’s ‘guest’ curtain, and said my goodbyes, and was gifted with a delightful Carrot Cake Cookie.

So yeah; I feel like in my last day I truly experienced Los Angeles, and it changed my mind about it. Its not as grimy once you leave the outskirts, and remains interesting provided you stay out of the central financial district. I wouldn’t mind going back, but there are definitely other places on my ‘To-Go’ list that take precedence.

With my phone slowly failing me, I began the overnight trip on to Phoenix!

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