USA, Day 9: The Toothpaste Technique

28 Jun

The Hollywood lifestyles been keeping me busy. Guess I’ll have to type out a double bill. So read on, and other topics will emerge. But first, this is like my confession.

It’s kind of grimy, but I had a spot. A big one. One of those ones that just forms a lump on your face, but doesn’t have a head to pop. You’re always aware of it, but can’t do anything about it. It’s disgusting. Like a miniature cyst.

I’ve since learnt a solution. Before you go to sleep, spread toothpaste over it. Two nights should weaken it enough to clear most of the pus out, and apply some sort of product.

This was my problem of the day.

Anyway, spot gone, me and Kristina once again met with her son Alessandro. Together, the three of us went out for breakfast.

I always enjoy American breakfast, because it’s similar to the proper English breakfast, but at the same time, so different. Pancakes instead of beans. Syrup over everything. And with bacon and eggs on top. What more could you want?

My instant response to that question would be hash browns. But that leads me on to one of my next subjects; lunch.
With no plans for the day, and having moved on from Long Beach to Hollywood, I took it upon myself to find ‘Waffles’.

Once there, I treated myself to ‘The Original’ double down sandwich. Fried chicken, salad and cheese between two bacon waffles. It was a strange meal, and although I did enjoy it, I feel like some tastes went together better than others. Still, if you’re ever knocking about on Sunset Boulevard, give it a try.
After a brief stroll along Hollywood Boulevard, which I had already explored a few days previous, I retreated to the apartment and started talking with the guy who was putting me up for a few nights. With me having not specified that it was ‘The Western Hero’ that I was studying, he suggested we check out the ‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death’ museum, a couple of blocks down the road.

It was really interesting, especially so for me because Benjamin Rush was a big focus of the first half of the museum, and I had previously learnt about him in my ‘History of Alcohol’ module in Leicester.

Although Thom was forced to leave on account of another patron of his being locked out, I continued to explore the museum, which went on to explain how psychiatry played a part in the rise of the Nazis, Terrorism, and the deaths of countless children. It was extremely morbid.

On the way back, Thom pointed out the Done Theatre, which we decided to check out after learning that they were showing Age of Extinction a day early, but weren’t advertising it. So later, we would find ourselves in a rather bare screening. But not until after some burgers and booze!

Showing me the grill on the balcony next to the gym, all included in his apartments price, he made our own burgers, rather unsuccessfully, and shared a bottle of wine. As we finished the bottle, he informed me that he was going to go buy some more alcohol. Due to the atmosphere we had created, I assumed it would be beer or some sort of wine. Instead, he returned with a bottle of Bacardi, which we also shared.

If was this that lead me to believe back in Britain I drink a lot more than he usually would, because as I managed to retain my composure, he descended rather quickly into drunkenness.

The next morning, he would claim that due to the size of his hangover, he must have drank a lot more than me. At one point he even made the claim that he’d drank the whole bottle of rum by himself. He hadn’t


As for the film, it was better than I had expected. Not amazing. It’s a Michael Bay Transformers movie, after all. But better than Revenge of the Fallen, which is all that I look for in a Transformers movie. The story was a little lacking at times, but the action and effects made up for it. The new characters proved just as entertaining as the old, and overall, it was an interesting film experience.

Although, truth be told, they had won me over as soon as they had Bumblebee quote The Big Lebowski, John Goodman and Ken Watanabe voicing autobots, and Galvatron as a villain.

Plus, Alia Shawkat was standing next to me when we booked the tickets. First celebrity sighting.

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