USA, Day 10: An ‘Irish Hooters’

28 Jun

Before I left Britain, one of my friends stressed that I go to Hooters. Put off by the idea, I replied that I wasn’t going to travel thousands of miles to go to Hooters by myself. Yesterday, it turned out, I did the next best thing.

Although the surprises of Day 9 led to a fun day, I’ve found so far that the days where you have a plan of some sort usually turn out to be more successful. Yesterday was one of those days.

Leaving the house about eleven, I set off to the Autry centre. There were problems to the start, like buses not showing up, and making me subsequently miss others, or the fact that I didn’t realise the Autry centre was opposite a Zoo, which held my attention long enough for me to miss my stop. I then had to backtrack, walking for about half and hour, as my patience lessened. But I got there eventually, and it proved worth the woes.

For those of you who do not know, I study ‘American Studies’ at the University of Leicester. American history, literature, film, politics, and bits of social studies.
With my final year coming up I decided that I would write my dissertation on ‘The Western Hero, and how his actions have informed stereotypes of masculinity in Contemporary Cinema’.
Basically, cowboys.
And to do this, I applied for a travel grant, which left me with £600 from my university, which was just about enough to pay for my flights.

So yesterday, basically, was the start of my research.

After wandering through an exhibit on the history of Route 66, I headed for the ‘Cowboy’ exhibit. I felt like I child again, darting between cases, examining the dress code, weaponry and lifestyle of the western character. All the while trying to decide what sort of hat I will buy in Arizona.

For the most part, the exhibition, whilst interesting, was not directly informative to what I was looking for, but I enjoyed myself none the less, and did learn some interesting facts. Here are three of them:
• Although guns were carried by many westerners, many historians claim that the west may not have actually been as violent as most believe.
• Americans were especially partial to the ‘singing cowboy’, because he encompassed all the facets of the American hero, but also share his feelings and emotions.
• A world in Minecraft is approximately 39867 miles long.

After chatting with a waiter about London and Lord of the Rings, I enjoyed a lemonade and headed back to Hollywood.

After a brief pitstop, I headed back to Long Beach, where I met with the aforementioned Mr. Carter from the reception on Sunday.

Over the course of the night, that stern image that I had applied to him proved to be false, as I found he was much more easygoing that he had me believe.

Initially setting out to show me how american culture adapts parts of the countries it draws from, he took me to the Tilted Kilt, which he explained as having been founded by someone who used to work at hooters, and all the waitresses wore kilts. Going in, I also found that not only did they have to wear kilts, but also tight unbuttoned shirts that revealed everything. So yeah, basically, an ‘Irish Hooters’.

Trusting that Dean wouldn’t have bought a minor to their establishment, I was served a leffe; one of my favourite beers, and a Scottish Cheese Steak’ with fries and conversation from our waitress.

Someone Dean was familiar with, she seemed like a lovely girl, training to be a nurse, and dreaming to travelling to exotic places where she could marry a guy like Dwayne Johnson. It was also a nice change, because although so far many women have admitted they love my accent, the majority if then have been at least 15 years older than me. At least.

After the Kilt, Dean took me to another one of his hangout spots, where I met and enjoyed a beer with his friends. I was also introduced to some rather drink ladies, with whom he was also acquainted with. One, in particular, although flattering, was more handsy than I cared for.

Urgh, this post probably makes me sound like a right prude.
I swear that’s not the case.

After that, we quickly popped into Denny’s to wish someone a happy birthday. I feel like someone coughed something abusive at me. But I can’t be sure. Ignoring him, I turned my attention to a larger guy, who was laughing and instructing me to ‘take out’ a similarly tall man across the room, and then become an L.A. Laker.

However, I’m pretty sure you don’t break into basketball by getting your arse kicked, so I just laughed it off.

All in all, it was a fun day, and reaffirmed my point that although Hollywood may be a shithole, some parts of L.A. aren’t bad.

Still, I can’t say its been my favourite part of the trip so far. So I’m happy to be moving on this evening.

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