USA, Day 7: Fallen Angels

26 Jun

Almost missed a day!

So I got to Los Angeles.
I said Downtown was grimy.
I realised that what I thought was Downtown wasn’t actually Downtown.

My new host, Kristina, offered to show me around L.A., acting as a sort of motherly figure as I arrived in this new city. On my first day in the supposed ‘City of Angels’, I was taken to the business district of Downtown L.A., and had a brief glimpse of the Hollywood Boulevard.

Although the Business district was nice (as are all business districts), I couldn’t help but find the city as a whole a bit lacklustre. In all honesty, as previously mentioned, Los Angeles was the part I was least excited for, but I still expected the city to surprise me. Such was not the case.

From then on, my day would focus on failing to find accommodation for the oncoming nights. It was irritating.

Luckily, this and other issues would be resolved, as I had a far more enjoyable day on Day 8, as will be detailed on tomorrows post, which will be far less of a jib than this one.

Still, I got to fist bump Spider-Man. How many people can say that, eh?
(Everyone who’s been to Hollywood or Universal? Don’t answer.)

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