USA, Day 6: Road Trip!

24 Jun

Okay, not really.

The truth is, yesterday revolved around me catching buses. And catching buses does not a road trip make.

Making sure I was up and about my nine a.m., I was driven the the Greyhound centre in Oakland by Max, and we said our goodbyes; my Bay Area Adventure was truly over.

Getting my ticket, and finding a seat, I came to the saddening realisation that coach terminals are just as scummy no matter what country you’re in. It was depressing, but made everything seem a bit more like home.

The wait seemed long and tedious, but paid off when I got onto the his and took my seat next to a man called Rodney. My first impression of him was that he reminded me of my friends brother, but Canadian, and as such we got on really well. It made a seven hour trip much more bearable, and it was nice to talk to someone who wasn’t from England, but understood all of our colloquialisms. The only hiccup, was that as soon as I started thinking of him as my friends brother, I completely forgot his name. Luckily, I would later spot it on his laptop, and he would admit to forgetting my name, making him seem like the bad guy. Hoorah!

Later, Rodney would show me pictures of his time in the Philippines, where he works as a missionary, and after I told him about my plans to travel to Hong Kong, he assured me I would have a place to stay if I ever was in his part of Asia.

Later, after we parted ways, I found myself talking to an Irish man, who couldn’t have been too much older than myself. He revealed to me that his cousins owned a lot of land and hotels in Ireland, and stressed how great a place called Carton House was; a hotel just outside Dublin. Although I didn’t get a number or address from him, he told me the hotels website, and gave me his name, inviting me to contact him if I, my friends, or my girlfriend (I wish), wanted to come and stay in Ireland. Pleased with my two new contacts, I turned my attention to Los Angeles, where we had recently arrived.

When originally planning my journey, Los Angeles was the part I cared about the least. Nothing against L.A., its just that I never thought it would suit my personality. Now I’m here, I can see why I had my reservations about L.A., as so far, pretty grimey.

I’ll have to report back when I’ve explored some more.

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