USA, Day 3: The View From Coit Tower

21 Jun

I’m sitting here right now, thinking about how for the third time, I forgot to inquire about the heating on the shower. If I ask tomorrow, I’ll just look stupid. I’m wondering whether there’s some hidden switch I need to press? Because just turning the hot-tap-thing isn’t working.

Anyway, despite all the pictures I got, and how awesome the Golden Gate Bridge is, I much preferred my third day in the city to my second.
After a quick driving tour of Market Street, wherein my host divulged his experiences with the LGBT-lifestyle that San Francisco is known for, I was taken up to the Twin Peaks, where you can find the most spectacular view of the whole Bay Area. It was a breathtaking sight to behold, and the moment wasn’t even put down by my camera-phones lacking capabilities.

After splitting off from Max, I ventured off on my own. With my Lonely Planet book in hand, I began to give myself a tour of China town. Unfortunately, due to my awful sense of distance, I missed most of the turnings, and just ended up strolling peacefully through the district, popping in and out of shops as I looked for souvenirs and a place to eat.

And whilst I love Chinese culture, I do find that a lot of China towns are pretty ‘same old’, and so I wasn’t too upset when I found myself on its outskirts.

The next sight in my guidebook I made sure to see; Coit Tower. After paying an adult fee, not realising that student options were available, I observed the murals on the wall, which I found got nicer the closer you were to the elevator. Intentional? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

Coincidentally, I found myself standing next to two English girls, with whom I chatted for a bit. They were also doing a tour of California, but having finished university, theirs was much more extensive than mine. I have to admit I’m actually quite jealous, as I feel the part of my trip I will enjoy the most is the more rugged country portions, and they confessed to having gone hiking round the Yosemite region, one of my original plans, had money not constricted me.

Like Twin Peaks, the view from the tower was also outstanding, and I got a few more good shots of the bay. (Again, Senseless pandering, I know.


After that, I continued my stroll down Fisherman’s wharf in hopes of finding a place to eat. My problem so far is that there has been too much choice. As a student eating alone, I want somewhere not too big, and not too expensive. But I’d rather find somewhere a tad more unique than MacDonald’s or Taco Bell, which are the obvious choices for where to eat. I did decide to try out In-n-Out Burger, only to find the queue sprawling out into the street. And so, like the day before, I was forced to trek on, growing steadily hungrier. Luckily, this time, I was able to find good service, a burger and a shake at Burgermeister, and thus, my hunger was sated.

I also checked out Lombard Street at the suggestion of a friend. I’m not sure what I think about it, if I’m honest. It looked like a right ball-ache to drive down, and was too awkwardly shaped to get a picture without standing in the middle of the road…

With my plans for the day complete, I marched back to the BART station, via a comic store, and headed back to Oakland. After once again getting off the Emery-go-round at the wrong stop, I trudged home, had dinner with Max, and watched Non-Stop.

It’s actually pretty good. I might buy it next time I see it in the store.
Original Sin #4? Also pretty good. Not amazing, and I had guessed the twist a few issues back, but I’m interested to see where this goes.

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