USA, Day 0: The American Adventure Begins

17 Jun

It’s been a while since I made a post. Not far off a month now; something I’m not especially proud of. The intentions been there; I was going to write a bit about Doctor Who being my actual favourite show in place of Modern Family. Then there was a conversation me and my friends had about men crying that I thought would make a good base for the topic of masculinity and its stereotypes in contemporary society (something that could help me mull over ideas for my dissertation).

I do intend to get back to both topics, but for now, they take a back seat. Although my flight was cancelled yesterday, and my flight today delayed, I’m going to America. This’ll be my diary of sorts.

Its been a rocky road so far; I lost my student cards at a concert recently, my debit card got swallowed by a machine, and the woman at reception proved to be greatly unhelpful. On top of that, the airport doesn’t trust me due to my small amount of luggage.

But whatever, the ETA until Oakland is like 26 hours or something.

Here we go.

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