Modern Family

24 May


The Wedding

Until recently, I can’t have claimed to be much of a TV-fan. My viewing has always been rather sparse, focused on the times when I would go home and visit two of my best friends. Avid purveyors of all the newest shows, the couple would often dictate any and all television I would watch. We meet up, they put on the newest episode of whatever they’re watching, and we would all chew the cud, and generally work our way through whatever new happenings or gossip that had arisen in our time apart.

Whilst I have always been a strong follower of shows like American Dad, Arrested Development and Doctor Who, such shows that I would end up watching as a result of my time with them include The OfficeParks and Recreation, Reno-911 and Modern Family. But for the most part, the shows they introduced me to, I would watch for a few seasons, then it would slowly whittle out.

Not Modern Family.

With the latest episode (and last, for this season), Modern Family has gifted us with an impressive pay-off to what the series has been building up to over the last twenty four episodes; the wedding of Mitch and Cam.

Although the episode starts off a little messy, with the characters dashing about from venue to venue in the hopes of achieving the wedding they have long dreamed of, the story of everyone’s favourite couple finds itself in the last five minutes of the show, when the titular act takes place. The ceremony is filled with heart-warming moments, as the series reaffirms its sense of familiarity with the audience; each and every character is a likeable one, and as a viewer, the way the scene plays out, full of love and emotion, makes you feel like a member of the family. There are few things that will bring a tear to my eye, but that scene was definitely one of them. And to see them go forward with such a big event, both for the characters and the modern day political climate is quite moving.


However, with the exception of the wedding scene, for the most part, I feel like the episode wasn’t one of the best. But in spite of this, it was still representative of the show as a whole. With Modern Family‘s vast cast mostly assembled for this double-bill special, we are reminded just how the show has won it’s success. In Jay Pritchett’s dysfunctional family, there is a member we can all probably connect to.

I’m certain of the fact that when I grow up, I will be Phil Dunphy. Nerdy. Clueless. Ordained. Fascinated by fantasy.

Part of the Family

The show also seems to strive to make its audience feel included as well. Of course, any show that doesn’t get the audience emotionally invested is doomed to failure, but having watched Modern Family all in the past month or so, I’ve watched the family literally grow into who they are today. Whilst the parents do undergo emotional growth and development, for the most part, they remain the same likeable characters who attracted us to the show in the first place.

But the kids? In the space of a month, I’ve watched them turn from children fresh out of school, to teenagers preparing for college, driving and getting jobs. Heck, I can’t even drive, so seeing them age to that stage in the space of a month is really quite bizarre and touching.

They make the basic suburban life seem more appealing than any sort of fictional setting, and reminds us the importance of having those you love around you.

If Modern Family is able to keep their likeable cast and interesting dynamics, I can see it having a long and fruitful future, and I can only hope that it knows its limits, and when it’s time comes, ends on a high. It’s all I can hope for my new favourite show.


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