“They Call Themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy”

21 May

“This might not be the best idea”

When I initially heard the plans to make a Guardians of the Galaxy film, I had my doubts. I’d read the comics, and whilst they were great, I didn’t think a talking raccoon and tree would translate over to the big screen as well as a man in a suit of armour or a Norse God.

My suspicions weren’t eased when the second film about that Norse God was released. For one, I think out of the nine films released so far, Thor: The Dark World was definitely in the bottom three, which is a shame, because he’s my favourite character in the comics. And then they ended the film, which I already wasn’t enjoying, with a mid-credits scene which was just too weird a note to end on.

Now, I understand that this film is meant to be weird, obviously; it features a talking tree and a gun-totting raccoon. But that scene, when I first watched it, filled me with doubt. Ophelia Lovibond and Benicio del Toro’s character’s seemed like they were more focused on putting flamboyancy into their performances than they were acting ability.

I’ve since warmed to the scene a little bit, but I’m still not overly pleased with the Thor sequel, although that’s a post for another day.

Likewise, having been a big fan of Star Wars when I was a kid (I mean, who wasn’t), it also started to bother me that pretty much everyone in the film looked human. The Marvel Comics have a wealth of aliens they could have used, and they made all of them look human? It didn’t sit well with me. Thus far, most of the alien-looking creatures seen in the trailer were prisoners, and so it stands to reason that they won’t get much screen time. I was really hoping Glenn Close and John C. Reilly’s characters would look a bit more ‘otherworldly’, but alas, it was not to be.

“I’m Star-Lord man, legendary outlaw..? Guys..? Forget it”

But then I saw the first trailer, and I was ‘Hooked on a Feeling’, as it were. I’ve loved Chris Pratt in everything I’ve seen him in, and so for me, his was going to be the ‘make-or-break’ role in my opinion. I mean, despite a fully loaded cast, Pratt was the only one that seemed to make sense. The aforementioned Glenn Close and John C. Reilly only have side-roles, after all, same as Michael Rooker.

Arguably the two biggest name’s in the core cast, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper, won’t actually get any face-time, due to the fact they’re a tree and a raccoon, respectively, and their voices seem to have been practised in a way that they’re not instantly recognisable as those actors.

Likewise, hiring a wrestler in an acting role rarely fills anyone with confidence, and so far, Zoe Saldana’s character hasn’t actually been seen to speak.

Everything about this film was made to fail.

But Chris Pratt’s natural charm has clearly captured the hearts of audiences everywhere in his portrayal of Peter Quill, and the more we see of the other characters, the more I’m coming to understand that each and every one of them is perfect for the role. Up until recently, I didn’t know Vin Diesel was also the voice of the Iron Giant, Bradley Cooper seems to have got everything spot on, and from interviews and such Dave Bautista seems to be having the time of his life, which gives me hope.

I think I’ll need to see more of Zoe Saldana before I can make a proper judgement on her acting/character/casting, but every other character so far is a-okay in my book.

“So here we are; a thief, two thugs, an assassin and a maniac”

Of course, this film could still tank like nobodies business. The only other films I’ve seen directed by James Gunn are the Scooby Doo flicks, and of course, those lose their appeal once you reach a certain age. But so far the casting seems sound, the tone seems pretty well managed, and all the things crammed in..?

Like a giant decapitated head which doubles as a space-station. I’m just hoping a certain telepathic Russian dog shows up. Yes, that might push things a bit too far from reality to insanity. But they’ve already done this much, right? Only two and a half more months to go.

And I imagine Marvel is pretty confident those months will be worth the wait, considering that the films catchphrase is…

Guardians of the Galaxy

You’re Welcome.

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