Cowboys and Cameramen, Part 2: A Brief Respite

10 Apr

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything. My five week Easter holiday started with a plan to get fit, get loads of work done, and catch up on all the films I missed. Before returning to Wales, I met with my prospective dissertation tutor, hoping to come out of our session with a definite plan for my dissertation, and the chance to submit my proposal. Since then, little has happened. My dissertation tutor just made me more confused about my whole. Now I have no idea what the correct option would be in moving forward with my dissertation. Not only that, but I ended up leaving the notes he gave me in Leicester, so now I’m stuck back at Square one.

Do I look at how the image of the cowboy has varied throughout the decades? Do I focus on how masculinity is portrayed in select western films? Where would I even start on that? Do I try and hammer down how actors like Harrison Ford seem to follow a set characterization which could be said as influenced by men of the Western Frontier? It’s a lot to think about, and has lead me to do nothing over the last two weeks.

But in focusing on other things, like the gym and catching up with friends, I’ve neglected over things that I wanted to focus on over my holiday. I haven’t written a post on WordPress in just over two weeks. I haven’t done any sketching to put on my re-started Deviant Art account. I haven’t practised any guitar songs. I have started to learn a song on the piano, but then the keyboard power cable stopped working. But such is life.

Setting myself goals was a bit unrealistic. Being on holiday, I wasn’t liable to stick strictly to many of my plans, even if I have got five weeks off. The only one I have stuck with is my exercise goal, and even then, it’s been touch and go at some points. I know I shouldn’t complain, but sometimes these holidays just feel too long. I’m happy for these five weeks off, but the summer holiday consists of four free months, which is ridiculous. Fortunately, I’ve managed to organise a trip to the United States, which is currently all I think about.

But until then, maybe I should just take it easy, as the Dude suggests. I’m lacking inspiration at the moment, but I’ve still got three more weeks of holiday, and not much work that needs to be done, so maybe I should just make use of this second Netflix Trial, do some drawing and see what happens.

And of course, as soon as I finish writing this, something more interesting comes to mind. Tomorrow, my views on Wales…

Cymru Am Byth?

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