False Hope: The Problem with Procrastination

24 Mar

One more week until the Easter break. Unfortunately, that one week presented me with three deadlines. So after a relatively successful Saturday of working towards said deadlines, I took the obvious next step and procrastinated my way through the past 15 hours.

A lot of said procrastination involved blankly staring at the book I’m meant to be analysing in hopes that it would assess itself. But alas, it was not to be, and instead I found myself writing a poem, sketching tattoo designs, and reluctantly filling out my details onto a dating profile that I had recently acquired.

It was never my intention to sign up to one of these sites; in fact, I think my profile was created automatically as I foolishly gave up all my details in hopes of winning some sort of internet competition. But with the profile in place, and the year anniversary of my turning single looming steadily closer, I figured keeping the profile could leave me no worse off.

So I took to OkCupid, cautiously filling out my details in the hope that I could achieve that desirable balance of nonchalant but interested. My first trial out of the way, I was then presented with an analysis of my own personality, and a list of potential suitors who matched me. With these suitors came the option of ranking them, in the hopes that someone would also grant me the coveted four or five stars, and a conversation could ensue.

And then I reminded myself that this is all a load of rubbish. Not the idea of dating sites, they work just fine. What’s rubbish the fact that I’ve just wasted a day on a site that has identified my main trait as ‘laid back’. And that’s exactly the problem, if by chance I am to get some sort of response, I’ll probably be too laid back (/intimidated) to actually do anything about it, and this whole endeavour will have been for nought.

Oh, lazy Sunday, look what you’ve done to me. Reduced to trawling through an ocean of out-of-my-league girls with no drive to make a move on any of them. Pathetic.

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