A Mark of Freedom: The Ultimate Means of Self-Expression

24 Mar

My struggle to convince myself to do work overflowed from the weekend into today. As I attempted to finish my passage analysis, my thoughts about Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, and it’s theme of individuality, I began to think of dancing. Although it could have been because LMFAO came up on my playlist, but the first reason sounds more cultured.

I love to dance, although for the most part, I’ll be too embarrassed to unless I’ve been drinking or I’m alone. A couple of my friends claim I’m a good dancer, but another friend claims that ‘no man can truly dance’, and I think those are some of the wisest words any 20 year old has ever spoken. In a way, it’s more flailing to the flow of the music, but in a way that some people weirdly enough find pleasing to the eye. I’ll never understand it beyond a need to cut loose, but it’s fun, so everyone does it anyway.

My preferred method of dancing is probably the shuffle, but not being confident to just let loose in the house when there are other people around, I often end up browsing videos to quell my dancer ‘hunger’.

Today I came across this, JayKayEsKay‘s video youtube, it’s pretty entertaining; that kid in the purple is pretty awesome (Also the suggestion to play Wiley’s ‘Lights on’ over it is a good one. If you follow it with ‘Can you hear me?’ the timing fits pretty well).

Needless to say, all that made me want to do is dance more. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I have the house free next week whilst I’m holiday. But it made me think about what makes people want to dance. Is it the desire to attract a potential partner? The need to release some stress? Or the desire for self-expression?

I think for me, today, it was the middle option, but the latter one is what kept my attention the most. After yesterday’s procrastination-by-tattoo-design, I was desperate to find a way to express myself. But too poor to go through on getting the tattoo that I often think about, and with no time or money to dance, I was reduced to just thinking about the various concepts.

What is the best method of self-expression, and is it something we all need to do? I know I wouldn’t get a tattoo unless I had some hand in designing it, otherwise, in my opinion, it would just be another mark on my skin. The design I have sketched out in front of me involves freedom, peace and I suppose spirituality to some extent. Maybe that’s why people love dancing, in a way, it envelopes all of those things. But maybe I’m just talking rubbish.

Perhaps I should stop blogging and take up dance class? Probably not.

(I swear one of my next entries will be a bit more constructive, I’ve just had a need to write and no topics to focus on).

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